Businesses in Kingsville Promote Gift Cards as a Way to Support Local Schools

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A group of companies in Kingsville has raised $24,368 to help four local schools.

Consume, Sip, and Savor Customers may redeem the $25 gift cards Kingsville sold at nearby eateries, butcher shops, marketplaces, and tourist destinations.

The event is a well-liked method for Kingsville locals to donate necessary supplies to the neighborhood schools, such as technology equipment and instructional materials.

Gift Card Program Coordinator Heather Brown stated, “The tremendous success of this program is a reflection of our community’s dedication to supporting local education.” “We are immensely proud of what we have accomplished together and are thrilled to continue making a positive impact on our local schools.”

Gosfield North Public School, Jack Miner Public School, St. John de Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School, and Kingsville Public School will all benefit from the program this year.

Since its launch in 2017, the program has raised over $150,000.

Companies such as Beach House Grill, Koi Sushi, Eclectic Love, Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Banded Goose Brewing Co., and Lee & Maria’s are members of the group.

The initiative has been appreciated and recognized for its easy value addition in the fundraising activity. With the response generated, similar initiatives will be planned more often which will support several social objectives along with education. Numerous utilities and arrangements will be  procured in equipping the schools through the fundraising inititiative.

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