Ayman Emam: A Seasoned Management and HR Consultant

Ayman Emam
Ayman Emam

With over four decades of hands-on experience in the world of facilitation, transformation, management advisory, coaching, leadership engagement and HR Management, Ayman Emam stands as a seasoned Management and HR Consultant. His expertise spans a wide range of areas crucial to the success of businesses and organizations. His areas of expertise include Business Strategies, Organization Design Architect, Business Start-ups & Transformation, Organizational Performance Framework, Organizational and Leadership Competences, Strategic Rewards Design, and organizational capabilities.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ayman has collaborated with renowned organizations such as General Dynamics Services Co., GD Fort Worth Division, Coca-Cola, Unilever, British Gas, S TC, FedEx, Ford, GDI, Halliburton, EQU ATE, Maersk Drilling, Methanex, and Egyptian Banks Co., as well as some governmental or semi-government organizations in the region like ITIDA and the Saudi Chambers of Commerce, spanning various industries and geographies. His ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments is a testament to his versatility and expertise.

Notably, Ayman’s impact extends to career coaching, where he has worked with global models like LHH (Lee Hecht Harrison), in addition to his involvement in developing a bilingual e-Career Coach model. His certification from the Organization Design Community further underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry best practices. As a seasoned Job Evaluation and Compensation Architect, Ayman’s contributions to the field of HR and management are invaluable.

Reliable Job Evaluation for Today’s Organizations

Some years back, Ayman developed the JEM (Job Evaluation Manager) tool which helps organizations to confidently plot the job roles onto a reliable job level matrix to develop the organization grading structure with consistent pay bands.

JEM is an analytical point factor method that has been effectively utilized since 2018 to evaluate thousands of job roles in dozens of companies representing different geographies and industries. In comparison to globally known methodologies, JEM was favoured by clients and compensation experts for the following referred features:

  • Bilingual (English and Arabic, with a plan to add other languages)
  • Reliable evaluation tool with minimum subjectivity
  • Fast method and easy to use.
  • Comprehensive End-to-End tool with dynamic job description front-end and universal level index as the back end.

JEM was tested, and validated by independent compensation experts. Testing it included reference job evaluations by global methods as well as job classifications to several evaluated job families representing different industries. It is currently deployed through consultancy and soon to be established as SAAS.

Building Trust and Tailoring Approaches

For Ayman, helping professionals and aspiring career-seekers has been a long-standing passion. Over the years, he has found immense satisfaction in guiding and mentoring young graduates who are often in need of direction and support as they embark on their career journeys. Ayman takes pride in his role as both a coach and mentor, aiding these individuals in discovering their potential career options, aligning with the job market, and, most importantly, recognizing their true capabilities.

The process has proven to be fascinating and deeply rewarding. Ayman relishes the opportunity to encourage these aspiring professionals to discuss their dream jobs. By exploring various routes to reach their goals and nurturing their dreams with the possibilities and evident successes of others, he transforms the pursuit of a dream job into a key project.

Ayman has had the privilege of coaching undergraduates, both in group settings and one-on-one, often with a focus on those who are 1 or 2 years away from graduation. Coaching college students presents a unique challenge, given their sometimes less experienced and overly idealistic nature. However, Ayman views this as a chance to shape and influence these young minds, imparting valuable life and career lessons. It’s a rewarding experience when these students reach out later to share their successes and setbacks, demonstrating their efforts to prepare for a remarkable career start.

Among Ayman’s most exciting experiences is career coaching and advising for mid-career professionals. These individuals offer a wealth of experience, aspirations, and unique life perspectives.

Ayman values the opportunity to engage with a diverse group that combines professional competence with personal matters. It’s not uncommon for this group to struggle with shifting perspectives and recognizing new opportunities. Ayman’s challenge lies in encouraging them to see things differently, often coaxing them to shed ego and self-centered views. Some find solace in identifying external factors, such as family dynamics and empathy, as motivations for their career choices.

When it comes to coaching executives, Ayman acknowledges that they can be demanding and challenging. He adapts his approach, often opting for a mentoring role based on their preferences and pace. Successful executives typically require a strong sense of trust and personal rapport. Less successful ones may demand more time and effort, and Ayman is prepared to invest in both. Smarter executives often come with a clearer understanding of their needs and make the coaching process more manageable. Regardless of the executive’s profile, Ayman recognizes their pivotal role in their organizations and takes the time to understand their background and their organization’s dynamics.

Ayman’s approach isn’t about handing out solutions or answers. While it may sometimes be the easy or obvious route, he believes that empowering career seekers to discover their own paths and make informed decisions is far more valuable. In Ayman’s eyes, true success lies in helping individuals unlock their potential and navigate their careers with confidence and purpose.

Aligning Capabilities with Strategy

According to Ayman, when it comes to client companies, the key to success lies in identifying the company’s unique capabilities and employing them to achieve strategic goals. This involves recognizing the potential for achieving their objectives through effective leadership and talent management. The company’s capability is essentially a combination of organizational strengths, which includes valuable human capital, especially those individuals who lead and possess the company’s essential knowledge and expertise. Neglecting to invest in nurturing and managing the careers of these key individuals can limit the company’s overall potential.

For individuals seeking career guidance, Ayman believes that true uniqueness is relatively rare. However, he emphasizes the importance of helping each individual discover their own “special” value proposition. This process involves identifying significant accomplishments and successful events that were the result of their hard work and dedication. By connecting these achievements to their inherent capabilities, individuals can begin to explore and leverage their unique strengths. Ayman _finds that most individuals can successfully identify these strengths and capabilities, which ultimately set them apart within their specific context. This process typically combines elements of analogy, self-realization, and validation, guiding individuals toward a clearer understanding of what makes them stand out and how they can offer exceptional value in their chosen careers.

Turning a Career Transition into Entrepreneurial Success

Ayman once took on an assignment from LHH to support a group of professionals who had been laid off from a global technology organization, many of whom were returning to their home countries (repatriating). Among these professionals was a dynamic and highly charismatic sales leader with over 15 years of experience in similar roles across various organizations.

During the career coaching sessions, Ayman and this individual delved into the possibility of starting his own business. They explored the idea of leveraging his extensive network, his natural aptitude for athletics, his sales expertise, and his genuine passion for excelling in events management. It quickly became evident that he had the potential to carve a niche for himself in this field. Inspired by their discussions and fueled by his excitement, this professional took the leap and established his own business specializing in organizing and managing large events. His venture soon gained recognition in the industry, and he has been thriving ever since, demonstrating how a career transition can lead to unexpected and remarkable success when one follows their true passions and strengths.

Genuine Career Advancement

Ayman recognizes a common misconception among many professionals the belief that a higher job title equates to a career upgrade. It is common that individuals chase after a higher job title within the hierarchy, only to find themselves doing essentially the same job as before, with little genuine career advancement. In his role as a career coach, Ayman takes it upon himself to challenge this misconception. He encourages individuals to focus on genuine professional growth and assures them that advancements in job levels, grades, and, ultimately, compensation will follow as a natural result.

This shift in perspective is not always an easy sell, as the allure of job titles can be strong. For some individuals, Ayman has confidently advised them to pursue career growth through a different approach – what he refers to as “zigzag” moves between companies. This strategy involves making lateral or diagonal career moves that may immediately lead to a higher job scope and provide valuable experiences, skills, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Over time, these non-linear career paths can lead to significant advancement and fulfillment, proving that there’s more than one way to climb the career ladder. While this approach obviously entails some risks, it can be effective in certain cases if wisely lead.

The Significance of Learning Agility in Career Development

Ayman places a strong emphasis on the importance of learning agility in one’s professional journey. He believes that individuals with good learning agility are, to a great extent, well-equipped to adapt and thrive in their careers. Even for those who may initially resist putting in the effort to learn and grow, Ayman has found that reselling them on readily available learning opportunities often yields positive results.

Ayman employs various strategies to encourage individuals to embrace learning. This includes urging them to seek out role models, shadow experienced professionals, actively pursue challenging projects and assignments, and engage in conventional learning channels such as attending seminars or joining professional groups. These approaches can be more engaging and effective than forcing oneself to read or take online courses.

One of Ayman’s notable achievements is convincing individuals to allocate their resources toward self-education and learning, on par with other lifestyle expenses like buying a new car. This shift in perspective is considered a success, as it recognizes the long-term value of investing in personal and professional growth, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and successful career.

Networking and Project Engagement for Career Growth

Ayman places significant importance on networking and actively pursuing assignments and projects as key components of continuous learning and career growth. He believes that expanding one’s professional network and engaging in a variety of projects are effective ways to enhance learning and personal development.

In Ayman’s view, a larger network provides more opportunities for learning, as individuals can exchange ideas, insights, and experiences with a diverse range of contacts. Building relationships within different industries and across various backgrounds can lead to valuable knowledge and perspectives. Additionally, Ayman advises his clients to actively seek out assignments and projects, particularly in new industries or with diversified scopes.

From Research to Networking

  • Ayman provides valuable advice for individuals looking to make a career transition or switch industries in the following breakdown of recommendations:
  • Educate Yourself: Start by thoroughly educating yourself about the new industry, company, or professional field you’re targeting. Understand the available job roles, required qualifications, where job listings are posted, and the typical success rates and timelines for job placements. You could utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and similar resources for research.
  • Identify Required Competencies: Clearly identify the competencies, attributes, and experiences required in the new industry or profession you’re pursuing. This step helps you map your qualifications and skills with the industry’s demands.
  • Take an Inventory: Assess your own capabilities, including your education, certifications, work experiences, projects, and competencies that are relevant to your career transition. This inventory will serve as the foundation for your job search and self-presentation.
  • Brand Yourself: Tailor your CV (resume) with relevant buzzwords and content that reflects the desired job features and requirements of the industry or dream job you’re targeting. Also, revisit and update your LinkedIn profile to align with your new career goals.
  • Build Your Network: Actively seek out and connect with professionals in the new industry or profession. Build a relevant network that includes individuals working in target job roles. Networking helps you gain insights into industry specifics, learn the industry’s language, and become visible to potential employers.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Study and prepare for interviews by thoroughly understanding the requirements outlined in step 2. This preparation will enable you to communicate your qualifications and experiences during interviews effectively. Ayman emphasizes the importance of crafting a compelling CV, as it plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of recruiters. Recruiters typically spend initially only a few seconds reviewing the CV to decide whether they continue reading, so including eye-catching buzzwords and features is essential. A well-crafted CV increases your chances of making a positive impression and advancing in the hiring process.

Ethical Coaching and Career Development

Ayman’s coaching approach is rooted in genuine care for people’s careers, supported by industry standards, references, and years of experience. His passion for nurturing human capital has become a lifestyle rather than just a profession. Influencing individuals with ethical guidance to make the right career decisions is at the core of Ayman’s life interests. The true measure of Ayman’s coaching success often comes from the feedback he receives from individuals, sometimes well after the coaching program or sessions have concluded. The most rewarding and affirming cases are when individuals return for coaching to pursue new career aspirations, building upon the success and contentment they achieved through previous coaching experiences.

Ayman’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s careers and lives is evident in their dedication to ethical coaching and their genuine concern for individuals’ professional growth and well-being.

The Growing Importance of Technology Mastery

Ayman recognizes that technology has evolved into a crucial driver across all industries and professions. The effective utilization of technology has become as essential as mastering the language of business in today’s world. Ayman emphasizes the importance of embracing technology in all its forms, particularly in the context of one’s career. Furthermore, they acknowledge that the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is a prominent and imminent trend. To maintain a leading edge in one’s career, Ayman advises individuals to embrace technology and cultivate a passion for its application wholeheartedly. Additionally, he stresses the significance of acquiring the skills and knowledge required to effectively harness AI’s capabilities, as this will be increasingly essential in the evolving landscape of work and industry.

The Profound Role of a Career Coach

Ayman holds a fundamental belief in the significance of his role as a career coach, recognizing that the profession is unique in its focus on the human being, who is arguably the most valuable and variable asset in any community or organization. This perspective leads Ayman to emphasize the importance of genuine and profound belief in the individuals they coach. In Ayman’s view, career coaches should have unwavering faith in the potential of the individuals they work with, offering sincere and substantial support while empowering them to take control of their own journey. This approach highlights the deeply personal and transformative nature of career coaching, where the coach’s belief in their clients can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

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