Assistant Superintendent Boen Nutting Retires after 30 Years of Lustrous Career

Boen Nutting

Boen Nutting, the assistant superintendent of Iredell-Statesville Schools, will formally leave her position on Tuesday after 30 years in the field of education.

I just decided it was time. I’m eager to begin a new chapter and take a chance,” Nutting declared.

Despite having a reputation for being upbeat, Nutting’s outward demeanour has concealed the negative interactions she had with the school board and the general public while assisting the district in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic during the past few years.

Politics shouldn’t be involved in public education. It now has a political bent. This is coming from a lifetime Republican, and it’s the biggest threat to education in the neighbourhood,” Nutting said.

“For me, doing what is right for the children of Iredell County has guided every decision. It’s simple to become cynical. It’s simple to grab the game and run, but I knew I had something to contribute, she continued.

With the district’s current leadership and the course I-SS is on, Nutting is confident.

Nutting intends to continue serving the Mooresville community in a “constructive and productive way” as she embarks on the next phase of her life. She also wants to spend more time with her family.

“At heart, I am a teacher,” the speaker says. I’ve spent the majority of my life pushing myself and making objectives. Instead of being a human doing, I want to take some time to be a human being, she declared.

Nutting said that her grandmother spent more than 30 years teaching elementary school after enrolling at the Georgia Normal School in Athens, Georgia, in the 1930s. It made perfect sense for her to emulate her behaviour.

“I remember telling my father I wanted to be a teacher. He said, ‘Boen, I’m proud of you because teaching is the noblest calling.’

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