Arizona Initiates Collaboration with PragerU to Educate Children about America’s ‘rich History and Values

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‘They advocate for values like patriotism, service, and citizenship, and are content-rich,’ expressed the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Arizona’s Department of Education (DOE) revealed a collaboration with PragerU to educate K-12 students about America’s “rich history and values.” Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne expressed his strong endorsement for the PragerU materials in this partnership.

Continuing, he stated, “They advocate for values like patriotism, service, and citizenship and are content-rich. The resources from PragerU make an excellent addition to every public school classroom, and I urge district and charter schools across Arizona to make them accessible to their students.” Horne addressed the partnership at a press conference on the Arizona State Capitol Senate Chamber lawn, attended by over 100 individuals.

“PragerU and I both share the belief that parents should have the authority to make educational choices that suit their children best,” remarked Horne, emphasizing, “Schools cannot replace the role of parents.” The partnership, described by the Arizona DOE as an initiative to “expand the state’s offerings of educational materials,” aims to provide teachers with materials that “celebrate America’s rich history and values” through “edu-tainment” – educational and entertaining content to enhance their curriculum. Students will utilize PragerU videos as educational resources in their classrooms, addressing political and social topics like poverty, race, and American history.

In response to leftist politicians, teachers unions, and bureaucrats seeking to undermine school choice initiatives, restrict educational opportunities, and promote Marxist propaganda in Arizona classrooms, PragerU in Schools has emerged as a crucial initiative. The statement from PragerU emphasized its significance for communities actively resisting these challenges, aiming to safeguard parental rights and reinstate educational freedom in the state.

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