Anthology EdTech Ecosystem is Selected by Passaic County Community College to Replace Legacy ERP


Anthology, a prominent education solutions provider, has announced that Passaic County Community College (PCCC) will implement Anthology’s full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem. This move aims to enhance PCCC’s learner-centric experience, streamline administrative processes, and increase institutional flexibility. Anthology’s suite of solutions will support PCCC in achieving strategic goals, such as improving student completion rates, aligning pathways with student needs, and enhancing the effectiveness of educational offerings.

The partnership with Anthology aligns with PCCC’s vision to provide an optimal learning experience for its students. The deployment of Anthology’s ERP solutions, including Anthology Student, Anthology Finance, and Anthology Human Capital Management (HCM), will simplify learners’ academic journeys, automate processes, and reduce costs. PCCC’s selection of Anthology was influenced by the company’s innovative solutions and client-focused approach.

The institution will also leverage Anthology’s engagement solutions, such as Anthology Reach, Engage, and CourseEval Assessment Management, to provide dynamic and data-driven experiences for learners and educators. PCCC will transition from its existing legacy solution, Ellucian Colleague, to Anthology’s ERP ecosystem.

Anthology serves over 150 million users across 80 countries, offering a wide range of EdTech products and services aimed at advancing education. The partnership with PCCC reflects Anthology’s commitment to supporting educational institutions in delivering effective and engaging learning experiences.

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