Anita Adnan: Influencing Future Generation towards Learning

Anita Adnan
Anita Adnan

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

  • Matt Mullenweg

Technology is an incredible invention in itself. However, with the help of technology, tremendous developments have changed the lives of humans. However, the most innovative and creative transformation is making communication more accessible for anyone through Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails, and many other applications.

Similarly, Anita Adnan, a dynamic educator and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) consultant, has integrated and influenced thousands of people worldwide on her Doctorate Support Page (DSG) Facebook page. She aims to provide the resources and academic or educators network to those looking for postgraduate courses.

She initially started the DSG with only 100 members; currently, 99k members of Academics have joined her DSG group. Her consistency in providing daily updates related to the programs influences people to connect with her through various communication modes like Facebook, Email and WhatsApp.

The group provides resources and guidance to the people and helps them complete their postgraduate journey. She believes that trust, transparency, and honesty can help anyone succeed in their life, so she achieved success in her mission.

The DSG has joined various academics from UK and Europe. The group also collaborated with the software developers who provided the software or tools for thesis writing and data analysis.

Through the DSG, Anita Adnan’s vision is to make education free and affordable for everyone. According to her, the vision can become true if everyone imparts their knowledge on online platforms and create a generation where everyone is hungry for learning.

Let us have an insightful reading about Anita Adnan and her Doctorate Support Group.

Please let us know about the saga story of your career since its beginning.

Doctorate Support Group, or DSG as it is known, was created in 2010 to help Postgraduates find resources and network with their peers. I was pursuing my Postgraduate study in Nottingham, UK; initially, I started the support group with 100 member members only. And now, in 2022, it has grown into 99k members from all around the world. We provide free support, resources and network to the Academic community. We also sell Research software at a very affordable price.

Tell us about your future success’s mission, vision, and core values.

The mission is to connect postgraduates to the resources (primarily FREE) network of educators and academics and help them complete their postgraduate journey no matter how long it takes. The core values that we hold are – trust, transparency and honesty.

Being a prominent leader, how do you manage to influence others?

Daily posting in the closed Facebook group, emails, and daily WhatsApp interaction with members who came to ask for help has been instrumental in our journey to become the one-stop centre of Academic resources for Postgraduates.

What challenges did you encounter during your journey, and how did you overcome them?

The challenges are dealing with the unknown and the overwhelming feeling of so many things to do! I have learnt to navigate these challenges by listing down things to do daily and crossing off the task that has been done. And the joy of seeing the accomplished job or task is simply satisfying!

Do you provide any global exposure in your institute?

Yes, we do – we connect with most Academics from the UK and the Software Founders who assist us in providing the correct tools and software for Thesis writing and Data Analysis. Most of our partners are in the UK and Europe.

What major factors keep motivating you towards your goal, and how do you inspire students to select an interesting career for their bright future?

The major factors are seeing the happiness and smiles of the postgraduates once they complete their journey and sharing the moments with them! We also assist in sharing potential job opportunities in the group so members can apply once they graduate.

Which activities do you conduct in your institute to maintain maximum student engagement?

We conduct Workshops, webinars and monthly meetups for Thesis Writers.

Among the important ones are to feel that you are not alone in the journey and that others understand what you are going through.

How do you feel knowing that others are following in your footsteps, and what else do you do so that people keep following you?

Simply ecstatic! Knowing that more and more people are pursuing postgraduate courses, especially females following my steps and starting their postgraduate journey, has been very inspiring. I am feeling honoured and humble at the same time.

As an inspiring leader, what would be your message to students worldwide?

Just do it! Take the first steps, pursue your passion and see where it will take you. There is no right or wrong, and the experience will take you to another level.

What is your envision for your institute/organization and you also?

I envision a world where ‘Education is Totally Free and Affordable’ for most humans. Furthermore, we can achieve that if everyone takes part and impart their knowledge online and create a future generation who is hungry for knowledge and will do everything possible to make knowledge alive. I know it can be done, as we started DSG with zero money – only spending time to connect with the right people who need help. DSG will continue to exist, and we are already planning for the next vision—METAVERSE for DSG—an online varsity created for Higher Education.

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