Anesh Jagtiani: Reimagining Resilience by Building a Disruptive Mindset

Anesh Jagtiani
Anesh Jagtiani

One key factor that distinguishes successful leaders from others is their mental resilience. This refers to their capacity to handle pressure, adapt to change, and maintain clear thinking even when confronted with challenges or adversity. The Leadership programs by Anesh Jagtiani are the solutions for leaders in today’s time to imbibe these qualities.

Anesh Jagtiani—Founder of Resilience Consulting—brings over 30 years of experience in consulting and leadership development within the GCC market. Throughout his career, he has specialized in designing and delivering customized programs for senior organizational leaders, focusing on strategic thinking, resilient leadership, and innovation. These initiatives consistently yield significant results, including revenue growth, improved team engagement, and a positive work environment.

Anesh is certified as a Forum Facilitator for the Young President’s Organization (YPO), a prestigious network of 28,000 senior leaders across 130 countries. In this role, he provides training and coaching to CEOs, guiding them on business expansion strategies and optimizing human capital.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Born and raised in Kuwait, Anesh has cultivated his entire career in the Middle East region. His corporate tenure includes significant roles at AMRO and Deutsche Bank Private Banking, where he managed portfolios exceeding $150 million for High-Net-Worth clients. Anesh has extended his consulting and program delivery services to a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing Financial Services, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Professional Services, Technology, Telecom, FMCG, Real Estate, Education, and various others.

Anesh brings a diverse skill set to his work, making significant contributions to organizations’ people and talent strategies. His expertise includes designing and executing leadership development programs, conducting comprehensive assessment projects to identify and nurture future leaders, and collaborating closely with clients to enhance employee engagement and promote inclusive organizational cultures.

Anesh earned his bachelor’s degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics from the University of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. He later decided to focus his career exclusively in the Middle East region, where he was raised.

His professional journey began in the Private Banking sector, dedicating 14 years to managing portfolios for high-net-worth individuals with a minimum investment of $5 million. He held positions at ABN AMRO Bank and later served as Vice President at Deutsche Bank, overseeing client assets totalling $200 million across various investment categories including equities, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, currencies, and private equity.

Anesh recognizes the importance of emotions in self-awareness and interpersonal understanding. He begins his sessions with a mindfulness exercise to cultivate a sense of ‘presence’ and encourages participants to share a word during check-ins. Emphasizing connection over content, he uses impactful communication prompts to facilitate authentic and vulnerable expressions from delegates. Anesh motivates participants to make behavioural commitments to ensure that the learning is effectively applied both at work and in their leadership roles.

Overcoming Disruptions Effectively

Resilient organizations excel at anticipating and allocating resources to effectively overcome disruptions. They have the capacity to adapt, persevere, and recover swiftly, ensuring their survival and paving the way towards a more promising future. Anesh plays a pivotal role in this process by guiding senior leaders within organizations to cultivate a resilient culture, focusing on Personal, Organizational, and Sector Resilience.

Through Resilience Consulting, Anesh assists organizations and senior team leaders in redefining resilience through immersive Learning Journeys. These journeys emphasize the mindset and behaviors needed for purpose-driven action, fostering stakeholder trust, embodying resilient leadership, and addressing uncertainty with adaptability and creativity.

Empowerment through Learning

nesh Jagtiani’s approach to leadership development is rooted in customization and collaboration, ensuring that each organization’s unique needs and challenges are addressed effectively. One of the key offerings of Resilience Consulting is the ability to tailor leadership learning journeys to fit the specific context and objectives of different organizations. Here’s how this process unfolds:

  1. Initial Engagement: Virtual Sprints

Organizations begin their journey with a 60-minute virtual sprint, an engaging and interactive session that introduces the core modules under the “Virtual Sprints” program. This initial session provides a firsthand experience of the learning content, covering fundamental concepts and methodologies that underpin resilient leadership.

  1. Deep Dive into Needs Analysis

Following the virtual sprint, Anesh and his team at Resilience Consulting arrange a personalized meeting with the organization’s leadership team. This meeting is crucial for understanding the specific challenges, goals, and cultural dynamics of the organization. During this consultation, the team conducts a thorough needs analysis, identifying areas where leadership development can have the most significant impact.

  1. Collaborative Customization

Based on the insights gathered during the needs analysis, Resilience Consulting collaborates closely with the organization to design a customized learning journey. This journey is tailored to address the identified needs, incorporating relevant modules and strategies that align with the organization’s vision and objectives. The customization process ensures that the content is not only relevant but also immediately applicable to the organization’s context.

  1. Immersive Learning Experiences

The tailored learning journey includes a blend of interactive workshops, experiential learning activities, and practical exercises designed to foster resilient leadership. Anesh emphasizes experiential learning, where participants engage in real-world scenarios, reflective practices, and mindfulness exercises to build resilience and adaptive thinking.

  1. Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Throughout the learning journey, Resilience Consulting provides ongoing support to ensure the effective transfer of learning. This includes follow-up sessions, coaching, and feedback mechanisms to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments. The goal is to embed resilient leadership practices into the organizational culture, ensuring long-term sustainability and impact.

  1. Measuring Impact and Continuous Improvement

To measure the impact of the customized learning journey, Resilience Consulting employs various assessment tools and feedback systems. These evaluations help in understanding the effectiveness of the program and identifying areas for continuous improvement. The insights gained from these assessments guide future enhancements, ensuring that the leadership development initiatives remain dynamic and responsive to evolving organizational needs.

Driving Business Success

Anesh has been at the forefront of designing and delivering impactful Leadership Programs tailored for CEOs, Directors, and C-suite audiences since 2007. His programs have consistently yielded positive business outcomes, including increased revenue, heightened engagement levels, and the cultivation of a culture that fosters peak performance.

With a wealth of experience in guiding organizations to achieve their people and talent strategy goals, Anesh’s expertise spans a diverse range of areas. He is adept at supporting the design and execution of leadership development initiatives, leading large-scale assessment projects to identify and nurture future leaders, and partnering with clients to enhance employee engagement and foster inclusive cultures within their organizations.

Building Resilience

Anesh and his team at Resilience Consulting are dedicated to empowering senior leaders to cultivate a resilient culture that spans Personal, Organizational, and Sector Resilience. They believe that resilient organizations plan and invest for disruptions and possess the agility to adapt, endure, and rebound swiftly, leading the way towards a “better normal.”

Approach to Reimagining Resilience

At Resilience Consulting, the focus is on helping organizations and senior team leaders ‘Reimagine Resilience’ through transformative Learning Journeys. These journeys are designed to foster purpose-driven mindsets, build stakeholder trust, promote resilient leadership, and empower individuals to confront uncertainty with creativity and adaptability.

An Ideal Life Beyond Professional Realm

Anesh has been happily married to Purnima since 1996. Purnima—a resilient cancer survivor—is the proud owner of her own fashion jewellery brand, Panache Fashion Accessories. Their daughter, Eleisha, is currently pursuing her studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and Anesh shares a special bond with her.

Each morning, Anesh starts his day with meditation, reading, and exercise, setting a positive tone for what lies ahead. He draws inspiration from books like “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday, “The 25-Year Framework” by Dan Sullivan, and “The Mountain is You” by Brianna West.

In his leisure time, Anesh enjoys watching shows such as “Superpumped” and “WeCrashed,” which serve as cautionary tales about the consequences of unchecked ego. He deeply resonates with the quote, “Be the energy you want to receive,” embodying a mindset of positivity and mindfulness in all aspects of life.

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