Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi discusses the role of education in achieving sustainable development

sustainable development

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries, and a multi-stakeholder partnership in collaboration with the Brookings Institution organized the event titled “Rethinking Education for a Climate Resilient Future.”

His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, the Minister of Education, took part in the event. The event was held in conjunction with the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Spring Meetings in 2023.

Sustainable Education Development

In addition to His Excellency, the panels included ministers, youth leaders, organizations from civil society, and policymakers to generate momentum for action on the education-climate change nexus. The importance of education in fostering partnerships to construct long-term infrastructure for climate-smart education systems was brought up during the discussions.

His Excellency Dr. Al Falasi highlighted the UAE’s efforts to launch programs and initiatives that contribute to the greening of schools. The goal is to ensure that educational institutions’ infrastructure is more climate- and sustainability-friendly. His Highness stated, In order to empower the next generation of leaders who will steer us into a more sustainable future, our focus is on cultivating a well-rounded education that encompasses knowledge, skills, and values, particularly among youth.

His Excellency Dr. Al Falasi mentioned that the Ministry of Education is working on the domestic roadmap to get ready to host COP28. This involves making faster progress across all educational levels before COP28. The guide is centered around greening schools, greening getting the hang of, greening limits, and greening networks. His Excellency emphasized the ministry’s eagerness to ensure that the roadmap can be adapted and scaled for various educational systems worldwide, noting that multilateral cooperation and collaboration with international partners are essential to the success of these efforts.

The event helps to increase awareness of the crucial role that education plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also served as a venue for showcasing the UAE’s progress in its educational system in promoting sustainability and raising environmental awareness.

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