A Ukrainian football legend launches a nonprofit for education

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The establishment of a new charity to aid students in the war-torn nation has the endorsement of Andriy Shevchenko. The football player participated at the Oxbridge Foundation’s opening news conference. Up to 20 positions on a one-year academic program will be funded by the organization.

Andriy Shevchenko, the former international football player of the year, assisted in the founding of an Oxford foundation that will help fund the education of Ukrainian students.

Up to 20 scholarships for students aged 17 to 19 whose education has been hampered by the war will be funded by the Oxbridge Foundation.

The all-time record goal scorer for his nation, Shevchenko, stated that advancing educational reform will be “essential to empower the next generation.”

Oleksandr Zinchenko, a fellow countryman who plays in the Premier League for Arsenal, is also supporting the plan.

The Oxbridge Foundation seeks to provide funding for one-year intense programs consisting of A-level coursework, supplemented by courses and camps on innovation and entrepreneurship offered by the Universities of Oxford and California.

The BBC quoted Shevchenko, a former forward for AC Milan and Chelsea, as saying: “I think it’s a great opportunity for students who don’t have the financial opportunity to become the best student, to come and study and be involved in the future of Ukraine.”

Shevchenko, who announced his retirement from competitive play in 2012, stated that his donation was a continuation of his “ongoing commitment to supporting the lives of all Ukrainian people who have been affected by the war” and that the foundation will carry out “vital work”.

“We can make a difference by working together; the support here has helped so much,” he continued. “We are privileged here in the UK.”

A trustee of the Oxbridge Foundation and a former British government diplomat in Ukraine, Stephen Clarke stated: “The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has affected the educational opportunities of so many bright, young Ukrainian people.”With the help of our foundation, we hope to provide them the means to finish their education and reclaim their chances for growth and learning.

In collaboration with Cherwell College Oxford, University of California, Football for Ukraine, Top Five Management, and the Bush Tennis Center in the US, the foundation was founded in the spring.

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