5 Reasons Why Edtech Is Defining Modern Education


In the current generation, everyone encounters prominent educational institutes during a person’s learning curve. Over the years, the basic purpose of education has enhanced from learning to gaining fluency in certain skills that can fit ideally into professional segments. Learning has been systemised with time in society by establishing the education sector.

The sophistication of the education industry paved the way for millions to have government-approved school and degree certificates as their proof of skills. This effectively gave them an identity as skilled people in the specialised areas of their professional paths.

While the formal education providers have beautifully balanced the learning curve with the industry requirement, the advancement in the technology and changing nature of the commercial world has started to demand a progressive changing arc from the education providers. Some of the problems these traditional education providers faced were limitations to personal attention to each student, limited options of choosing what to learn, socialising issues, etc.

Like these, there are other regional and nation-specific drawbacks too, which can affect the learning process. The EdTech industry is actively developing a solution to tackle the fallbacks caused by systemised education methods. Doing so essentially provides the option to focus on each individual’s educational interests with the help of advanced technologies.

There are several reasons why EdTech is defining how modern education is delivered. Of those, the five most crucial ones are listed below.

Learning Simplified and Visualised

The digital platform offers the benefit of visualising every part of the topic to aid in effective learning. Visual learning can enable one to remember the lessons much more quickly than the traditional memorisation method. Also, using technology, the topic can be simplified so that anyone can begin their learning procedure right from scratch and understand the topic deeply without the need to put unnecessary stress on their brain.

Flexible Learning

Today’s educational needs are time-based. The cause behind this is the speedy changes that are coming up in every sector due to the continuous invention of newer and better products and services to the market. To bring this revolution to the market, youths and active professionals have to learn and relearn the unique skills, be it for technology, marketing, selling, or management. The EdTech platforms offer greater flexibility in learning things. One can learn and gain certificates as per their requirements and time constraints. Even young ones can benefit from the flexibility offered by EdTech platforms by choosing to learn subjects of their choice whenever and wherever they want using digital devices.

Cost-Effective Option

Education has turned costly due to privatisation. For several reasons, along with schooling, one also has to opt for private classes to relearn the same subject that is being taught in schools or colleges. Edtech turned out to be an effective solution for this. Several cost-friendly platforms are available on the market that provides the option to buy curriculum, courses, and subject-based lectures as per the available budget.

Also, one can access these courses for themselves whenever they feel the need to relearn or revise the topic.

The Option to Choose from the Best

In the online medium, there is an option for quick feedback. This means if a certain individual does not like or feels the digital learning platform is not effective, he can quickly give his feedback then and there. This feedback is publicly listed. Anyone can easily read them and decide if the platform suits them or not. This helps students learn from the best.

Quick Assessment Tests

The digital medium of learning can be significantly utilised to determine if the student has understood the topic that is being taught to them or not. The quick assessment methods can be pushed on screens of devices to help students recollect key points from the lesson. If the assessment shows positive results, then they can move forward. If not, they can replay the topic again and learn properly. This option is a great method of focused learning.


EdTech has provided the option of freely choosing the topic of interest without being limited to the school curriculum. Anyone at any age can fulfil their desire to learn the subject of their interest without having to go to physical institutions. Even the shy and introverted can experience the freedom of active participation in the educational process as they do not necessarily have to worry about being the centre of attention in the entire classroom. The changes that EdTech has been offering are helping to drive the wheels of industry 4.0.

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