42 Abu Dhabi coding school offering free learning courses

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In Abu Dhabi, 42 Abu Dhabi, a tuition-free coding school, is accepting applications for its May 2023 cohort, which will begin with a boot camp on May 1. The Piscine boot camp will be used to select candidates for the disruptive coding school, which provides free education and employs a peer-to-peer gamified learning methodology.

Free Learning Initiative in Coding Schools

Applicants will be required to take 42 Abu Dhabi’s pre-selection Piscine, an online test that evaluates cognitive capacity through logic and memory tests. They will also need to attend a virtual check-in discovery session to learn more about the Piscine and the learning method.

The Piscine got from the French word for pool, is a serious and vivid training camp that tests competitors’ PC programming abilities as well as their drive, constancy, and commitment.

It is the final step in applying to 42 Abu Dhabi’s program. It aims to prepare students for learning the fundamentals of programming and gives all coding enthusiasts the chance to identify their software development interests while immersed in 42 Abu Dhabi’s collaborative atmosphere.

Candidates must devote 25 days to fully comprehending the 42 Abu Dhabi learning method in order to pass the Piscine and enroll in the program at 42 Abu Dhabi. Candidates will be able to enroll in 42 Abu Dhabi’s coding program and begin their learning journey once they pass the Piscine.

Candidates who complete the Piscine successfully and apply to 42 Abu Dhabi will have access to the school’s strategic partner network, which includes prominent organizations and businesses from a variety of industries and sectors, including Microsoft, the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), the Department of Government Support, Mubadala Investment Company, and BEACON RED.

The essential organization of accomplices likewise upholds 42 Abu Dhabi in preparing and upskilling Emiratis to improve their opportunities for growth and set them up to drive the fate of the tech business in Abu Dhabi.

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