2nd Street Learning Honours its New Structure with a Distinctive Approach to Teaching

Street Learning
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It offers to meet students where they are and has a different learning approach.
In Genesee County, 2nd Street Learning offers project-based learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom. While these youngsters are passing all state standards, parents claim their children are also learning skills that they would not have learned in a typical school. Today, they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony at their building.

“I was merely searching for the school that prayed. I prayed to the Lord, asking him to find my kid the ideal place that truly embraces his true self and recognizes him for who he is. Tasha Wood states, “That’s what we discovered in 2nd Street learning.

According to Tasha Wood, her son Jeremiah has flourished in the past year. Last August, Tasha and Jeremiah were introduced to us. While 2nd Street Learning was at Charlie’s Forever Farm, we paid them a visit. In the present day, they own a building in Flint.

“He says, ‘Mommy, I want to go back to school,’ every day. Children don’t say things like that very often, according to Wood. Children are taken out of the regular classroom and given experiences such as working on a farm and preparing their own meals by 2nd Street Learning.

Matia and Sammie White whose two kids are students at 2nd Street Learning. They have now completed four years of enrollment in the program. At 2nd Street Learning, Kelly Bell serves as the lead facilitator of learning.

Everything is focused on projects. As a result, they learn by doing. For instance, our children prepare their own meals and cook for themselves. And it’s covered in their education,” Bell adds.

Bell reports that the children frequently express their appreciation for the hands-on learning opportunities. “My students just published their own book, their student treasures, actually, but it’s called sector street learning and they actually discuss that in the book, the stuff that they have learned here at Second Street,” Bell explains.

Nicole Hartley is an instructor who launched this project with the goal of providing a different approach to education. With the help of numerous community partners and Nicole’s vision, the program has evolved into what it is today. Tasha Wood is ecstatic about her son’s accomplishment and what it means for parents like her.

He had a somewhat solitary lifestyle before to beginning this program. He used to be the type to quietly watch from the sidelines, but these days he takes charge. He is audacious. He’s well-known,” Wood remarks. The structure is located in Flint on Mackin Road.

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