Top 10 Things to Know Before the Stock Market Opens

Pre-Market Activity: Check pre-market futures to gauge the overall market sentiment. Are futures pointing towards a rise or fall? This can indicate how the market might react at the opening bell.

Economic News and Events: Look for any major economic news releases or scheduled events that could impact the market today. This might include jobs data, interest rate decisions, or company earnings reports.

Global Market Performance:  See how major stock markets around the world performed overnight. This can influence the sentiment in your local market.

Sector Performance:  Identify sectors that are outperforming or underperforming pre-market. This can help you focus on specific areas with potential opportunities.

Company News and Analyst Ratings: Stay updated on any relevant news about companies you're interested in. Look for analyst upgrades, downgrades, or earnings previews that might affect their stock prices.

Commodity Prices:  Keep an eye on the movement of commodity prices, particularly oil, as they can influence certain sectors of the stock market.

Currency Exchange Rates:  Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact companies that do international business. Be aware of any significant movements.

Geopolitical Events:  Monitor any ongoing geopolitical tensions or conflicts that could create market volatility.

Upcoming IPOs or Major Stock Splits:  If there are any significant initial public offerings (IPOs) or stock splits happening today, be aware of the potential impact on the market.

Your Investment Strategy:  Review your investment strategy and risk tolerance before making any trades. Don't let emotions or short-term fluctuations influence your long-term goals.