The Best Way to Learn AI in 2024 - Free!

Online Courses and Tutorials Coursera and edX: Many universities offer free versions of their AI and machine learning courses on these platforms. Look for courses by Stanford, MIT, and the University of Toronto.

Open-Source Libraries and Frameworks   TensorFlow and PyTorch: These popular AI frameworks are free to use and come with extensive documentation and tutorials.

Free Learning Platforms  Kaggle: Offers free courses on Python, machine learning, and deep learning. Also provides datasets and competitions to apply your skills.

Podcasts and Webinars   Webinars: Many universities and tech companies host free webinars on AI. Keep an eye out for announcements.

Free Tools and Software  Anaconda: A free distribution of Python and R for scientific computing and data science.  VS Code: A free, powerful code editor with AI and machine learning extensions.