The best places to catch the fleeting spectacle

Meguro River: Arguably the most famous spot for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo, Meguro River offers a picturesque stroll under a canopy of blossoms.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: This vast park boasts a variety of cherry blossom varieties, along with traditional Japanese gardens and peaceful ponds.

Ueno Park: Tokyo's largest park, Ueno Park, offers a multitude of cherry blossom viewing spots around its many shrines and museums.

Yoyogi Park: A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, Yoyogi Park is a vast green space with over 1,000 cherry blossom trees.

** Chidorigafuchi Park:** The moat surrounding the Imperial Palace transforms into a dreamy tunnel of cherry blossoms during peak bloom.

Inokashira Park: A beautiful park with a large pond, Inokashira Park is a popular spot for picnicking and enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Sumida Park: This riverside park offers stunning views of Tokyo スカイツリー (Skytree) framed by cherry blossoms.

Aoyama Cemetery: A serene cemetery transformed into a sea of pink during cherry blossom season, Aoyama Cemetery is a peaceful spot to appreciate the beauty of sakura.

Rikugien Garden: A beautiful landscape garden, Rikugien Garden offers a traditional Japanese setting to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Nakameguro: A trendy neighborhood with a canal lined with cherry blossom trees, Nakameguro is a lively spot to experience the cherry blossoms.