Different colors of roses and their meanings

Red Rose: The classic symbol of passionate love, desire, and romance. Often used for Valentine's Day or expressing strong feelings of affection.

Pink Rose: Represents sweetness, gentleness, admiration, and gratitude. Light pink embodies innocence and joy, while deeper shades convey appreciation and thankfulness.

Yellow Rose: Signifies friendship, happiness, joy, and intellectual stimulation. Can also symbolize new beginnings or platonic love.

White Rose: Stands for purity, innocence, reverence, and new beginnings. Often used in weddings, sympathy bouquets, or to express condolences.

Green Rose: Represents growth, harmony, abundance, and new life. Often used to celebrate achievements, wish good luck, or express well wishes.

Orange Rose: Reflects enthusiasm, energy, passion, and desire. Can symbolize admiration, encouragement, or even hidden love.