8 Effective Memory Techniques for Smarter Exam Prep

Mnemonics Use mnemonics to help remember lists or complex information. Create acronyms, phrases, or rhymes that make the material easier to recall.

Visualization Convert the information into vivid mental images. The more unique and vivid the image, the easier it will be to recall.

Chunking Break down large amounts of information into smaller, manageable "chunks." This can make it easier to process and remember information.

Association Link new information to something you already know. Making connections between new and existing knowledge can aid in remembering.

Storytelling  This technique is especially useful for sequential or chronological information, as the narrative makes it easier to remember the sequence of events.

Teaching Others Explain the material to someone else in your own words. Teaching concepts to another person forces you to learn the information thoroughly and check your understanding.

Spaced Repetition This technique leverages the psychological spacing effect, where you strengthen the memory each time you retrieve it after forgetting a bit.

Practice Tests Use practice exams to test your recall and application of material under exam conditions