5 States with the highest number of IAS officers

Uttar Pradesh: As the most populous state in India, it's not surprising that UP also has the highest number of IAS officers, with a figure exceeding 700. Socio-economic factors and the cultural significance of civil service also contribute.

Bihar: Another populous state, Bihar follows closely behind UP with over 450 IAS officers. Similar factors contribute to this number.

Rajasthan: This state surprisingly holds the third position with over 300 IAS officers. Despite a lower population than other contenders, Rajasthan boasts a strong culture of civil service aspiration and coaching facilities.

Tamil Nadu: With over 300 IAS officers, Tamil Nadu has a long history of academic excellence and strong coaching support, contributing to its position.

Andhra Pradesh: Rounding out the top 5 is Andhra Pradesh, with over 300 IAS officers. Like Tamil Nadu, it has a well-established education system and coaching infrastructure that fuels aspirants' dreams.