Sponsored Blockchain Education Program Unveiled by MultiversX and eCornell

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Distributed blockchain network MultiversX has announced a new blockchain education initiative in partnership with Cornell University’s eCornell. Named the Blockchain Essentials Program, this initiative will provide 100 underserved college students with a two-month learning experience, culminating in a certificate upon successful completion.

According to a press release from MultiversX, the program is fully sponsored, ensuring that participating students incur no fees. Normally, the course costs $3,750, as indicated on the initiative’s website.

The program will be conducted online through private cohorts—small, instructor-led groups designed to offer personalized attention and a supportive learning environment. Notably, the program promises that upon completion, students will have the opportunity to receive mentorship, support, and funding from MultiversX to develop blockchain projects that can benefit their communities.

The program is set to begin on July 17, 2024, with applications open until June 23, 2024. Applicants must be current college students, proficient in English, and economically disadvantaged. Only 100 applicants will be selected.

Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of MultiversX, expressed that “Blockchain is like an open book available for anyone who is interested in understanding it. We are just at the beginning of this journey, so there is ample space for individuals with creative concepts that they want to realize. MultiversX’s partnership with eCornell demonstrates our dedication to making our technology accessible to diverse communities globally, and it is just one of the ways we are simplifying the process of bringing in builders to Web3 and our ecosystem.”

MultiversX has recently unveiled “Sovereign Chains,” which is a modular, multichain, integrated stack designed for blockchain development. The Sovereign Chains platform has the potential to significantly improve the transaction throughput of existing layer-2 blockchain networks by increasing transactions per second (TPS) and smart contract TPS by up to 100 times. During its initial demonstration, Sovereign Chains achieved a throughput of 77,000 TPS. MultiversX is actively working to raise this figure to 100,000.

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