MIT School Malaga: Fostering a Sense of Global Leadership Among Students

MIT School Malaga
MIT School Malaga

Bilingual education not only facilitates language acquisition but also nurtures cultural sensitivity. Understanding a language goes hand in hand with comprehending the nuances of the associated culture. This cultural awareness is crucial for promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of global citizenship.

In the changing Spanish educational landscape, bilingual institutions like MIT School Málaga are key players, equipping students with the skills needed for international communication and collaboration.

MIT School Málaga’s mission has always been to offer the most comprehensive education possible. The school believes that human beings consist of five facets: physical, mental, emotional, energetic (the great forgotten but essential), and social, and it is important to address each and every one of them in a mandatory way in the educational curriculum.

The physical, with a wide range of sports and fitness; the mental, with a rigorous and exciting academic project; the emotional, working all types of intelligence with deep empathy and appreciation; the energetic, with energy work with martial arts (Aikido) and yoga; and the social, with teamwork, emphasizing the values of respect, responsibility, and deep humility.

The future of education in Spain, as in other sectors, depends on the ability to adapt to change, resilience, and mastery of technology, something that MIT School carries out both as an organization and in teaching for its students.

Covering all the Facets of Learning

MIT school has a unique approach to offering proper integrative education that covers all facets of the human being. The school aims to adapt the educational plans for the current times and for the future. One of the examples of this approach, in 2010, was its introduction of Chinese as a compulsory language from kindergarten onwards. Becoming the first school in the world to make it compulsory so early and simultaneously in all educational courses, from kindergarten to high school, was a testament to this vision.

Its students are very active and encouraged and guided by tutors. Students participate in innovation projects in the areas of business entrepreneurship or scientific research. In this sense, to give two examples, the high school students have won the Acelera entrepreneurship contest with their innovative business ideas. They have also created a prototype of a sustainable irrigation system for a project in collaboration with the University of Málaga.

Pinnacle in Spanish Education

The school has received numerous awards and distinctions in the Spanish education sector such as Best School in Spain in Comprehensive Education 2019, Best School in Andalusia 2020, one of the two best in Spain in Bilingual Quality 2019, Gold Medal for Work 2018, one of the 50 Most Important Companies in Spain 2019- 2020-2022, Award for Excellence in Business Management 2021 and 2022, First European Award for Innovation and Digitalization 2022, First European Award for Technology and Innovation 2022, Business Career Achievement Award 2022, First European Award for Educational Innovation 2022, Best School in Andalusia 2022 and one of the Best 5 International Schools in Spain 2023, Best Comprehensive Education Project in Andalusia 2023, and winner of the European Educational Awards in Paris 2023.

These awards are a great source of pride, but for the school, the main motivation is to see how its students develop a happy and successful academic life and the benefits that this brings them when it comes to continuing their academic and professional careers.

Sustaining under Adverse Circumstances

MIT School is the first school in Spain to include in 4th ESO the subject of virtual reality programming in a university environment. It also has state-of-the-art computers, 3D printers, tablets, iPads, smart boards, etc., in its virtual reality programming room. The digital skills of the students have allowed them to sustain under adverse circumstances such as confinement.

The high technological qualifications of the students and teachers and the fact that they already had many online resources to support face-to-face teaching before the pandemic began have allowed students not to be academically harmed by confinement.

Creating an Ideal School Environment

MIT School, since its birth, has been an international school. Its location (in the heart of the Costa del Sol) and in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucıá (headquarters of international technology companies) and, above all, its plurilingual academic offer make it the ideal choice for families from all over the world who move to Málaga. The corridors of the school depict “little UN,” where many languages are spoken and where students are open and welcoming. For new students who arrive without a good command of Spanish, the school has a support program that helps them catch up with their classmates in a few months.

MIT School Málaga integrates both contemporary knowledge and age-old wisdom into its curricula. The cornerstones of its instruction encompass modern technology, athletics, and moral principles such as diligence, passion, respect, civility, and discipline. The school’s overarching aim is to achieve an education that not only makes learning enjoyable but also facilitates the identification of each student’s unique path to growth and fulfillment.

MIT School Málaga stands as the singular institution in Málaga approved by the Junta de Andalucıá to provide bilingual instruction in English across all educational levels, including Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and all three High School tracks. The school augments this distinctive offering with extracurricular language programs in Russian, optional French starting from 1 ESO, German from 1 Primary, and Chinese from the age of 3.

Promoting Higher Social Interaction

In line with its dedication to environmental sustainability, MIT School Málaga has inaugurated an ecological school, complete with the installation of photovoltaic panels. Moreover, the institution proudly aligns itself as a member of the Greenpeace network of solar schools. Beyond mere functionality, the school’s facilities are designed to serve the dual purpose of fostering learning and promoting social interaction.

At MIT School Málaga, students consistently attain a high level of excellence across all subjects, a feat made possible by the school’s state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with digital interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, libraries, laboratories, music labs, and more, these resources, coupled with specialized staff in each academic area, contribute to achieving educational goals.

Reaching Educational Objectives

The institute employs a comprehensive system of educational reinforcement designed to motivate students to reach their academic and educational objectives. This system evaluates both aptitudes, through exercises and tests, and attitude, encompassing factors such as effort, behavior, and motivation.

Additionally, the Málaga Institute of Technology plays a crucial role in determining whether a student should repeat a year. This decision is made with the intention of providing students with the necessary support to achieve minimum educational objectives tailored to their individual characteristics and needs.

Fostering an Optimized Learning Environment

At MIT School Málaga, a strong belief in the transformative influence of an enriched school environment lies at the heart of its educational philosophy. The institute recognizes that the quality of relationships and overall well-being is shaped not just by aesthetics but also by the deliberate curation of internal and outdoor spaces.

With a specific focus on the classroom setting, MIT School Málaga has implemented meticulous measures to automate and monitor all relevant variables. Understanding the profound impact these factors can have on students’ learning experiences, the school pays meticulous attention to variables such as light, temperature, humidity, acoustic conditions, and furniture arrangements. This commitment ensures a conducive and optimized environment that positively contributes to the overall educational journey of the students at MIT School Málaga.

At MIT, the commitment to an exceptional learning environment extends beyond the classroom to a range of outstanding recreational facilities. Among these are a remarkable martial arts dojo, a basketball court, a soccer field, multiple paddle courts, a golf practice area, a beach volleyball court, and additional table tennis courts. The school ensures that the youngest learners have their dedicated space equipped with a padded floor and various entertainment options tailored to their needs.

Adding to the allure of the school’s surroundings, MIT School Málaga is situated in the exclusive Andalusian Technological Park. The campus features a vast green space surrounding these diverse recreational locations. Notably, the school, being in proximity to a lake, occasionally utilizes it as a “natural classroom,” enhancing the overall learning experience for its students.

Transcending Traditional Boundaries

The educational philosophy of the Málaga revolves around the belief that education extends beyond the mere transmission of knowledge. Consequently, the institute asserts that learning can and should take place in diverse settings throughout an individual’s life, encompassing not only the traditional classroom but also extending to the home, outdoor environments, during walks, in the dining room, on school buses, and even during leisure activities. This inclusive approach is applied to every student, including your children.

MIT School Málaga places a strong emphasis on individualized attention within its educational framework. The collaborative efforts of Tutors, Heads of Studies, and Psychologists are instrumental in identifying any specific educational needs, enabling the institution to implement effective solutions for various educational situations or challenges. This comprehensive approach involves offering support classes within the school when necessary, providing psycho-pedagogical advice to parents through tutorships, and organizing extra activities for exceptional students.

The school is committed to running evaluation projects and talent support programs, irrespective of whether students have been diagnosed with intellectual giftedness. This commitment to individualized support is particularly innovative, characterized by a purposeful approach and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the classroom. MIT School Málaga partners with the Promete Foundation and leverages the Sapientec method, both integral components contributing to the school’s unique educational approach.

Pursuit of a Healthier Society

MIT prioritizes the nutritional well-being of its students through dedicated attention to their dietary needs. For those utilizing the dining hall facilities, a menu rooted in the Mediterranean diet is provided, meticulously curated, and monitored on a monthly basis by a nutritionist. The school emphasizes that consuming at least 75 per cent of this menu, facilitated through a system of trading, is essential for the proper nutrition and health of the students.

Recognizing the diverse dietary requirements of students based on medical or religious considerations, the school ensures the ability to accommodate special diets. This commitment underscores MIT School Málaga’s dedication to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment for all its students.

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