Melinda Warnecke: Uplifting Women, Transforming Lives through Mentorship in Entrepreneurship

Melinda Warnecke
Melinda Warnecke

The coaching and consulting world operates within an agile domain, catering to the needs of both individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional growth. In this sphere, entrepreneurs encounter a dual challenge—navigating the complexities of business while fostering their own inner transformation. This dual focus is essential for ensuring the success not only of the company but also of the entrepreneurs themselves.

In this robust arena, Melinda Warnecke stands as a guiding force. As the Founder and Master NLP Coach at Liminal Coaching & Consulting Pty Ltd, Melinda brings a unique blend of strategic insight and profound personal development to her clients. She has developed innovative programs like The Casual Coach Creation and The Infinite Coach.

These offerings are tailored specifically for female coaches, empowering them to overcome self-doubt and cultivate the confidence needed to build thriving coaching businesses, whether they are starting out while working a 9-5 job or aiming to scale to six figures and beyond.

Mastering Mindset and Business

Melinda brings over two decades of executive leadership experience, having served some of the giants in the Australian university sector and most recently as a key member of the senior leadership team at Bush Heritage Australia, where she significantly grew philanthropic revenue under her leadership.

Her transition from a multiple six-figure corporate career to becoming one of the most sought-after Mindset Coaches for Female Coaches underscores her deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the coaching industry.

At Liminal Mindset Coaching, Melinda and her team are dedicated to helping female coaches master their mindset and turn their business dreams into reality. They provide strategic guidance on refining unique messages, launching lead magnets, creating irresistible offers, and leveraging organic marketing strategies to attract and retain clients.

Melinda’s approach is rooted in her belief that success in coaching requires a solid business strategy along with personal transformation and staunch confidence.

Coaching for Change

Melinda’s career focuses on empowering individuals and fostering growth. She dedicates her efforts to enhancing people’s skills for their careers, encouraging contributions to meaningful causes and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses for humanity’s benefit.

She passionately coaches female entrepreneurs, finding immense fulfillment in “supporting and guiding women to believe in themselves and open themselves up to true abundance, growth and make money whilst doing that!”

Her company embodies a mission to “help heal the planet one life at a time,” specifically through the support of female entrepreneurs. This mission drives Melinda’s commitment to positively impacting the world by nurturing and empowering women in business. The institute thrives on the belief that uplifting female entrepreneurs not only promotes individual success but also contributes to global well-being.

Achieving Lasting Success

Melinda introduces a unique and effective model called the Liminal Signature System, centered around three core pillars—MONEY, MINDSET and MARKETING. This system aims to transform clients’ approaches to business and personal growth.

Under the MONEY pillar, Melinda focuses on healing old money wounds, fostering openness to growth and teaching clients how to sell their programs and products with love, ease and flow.

She emphasizes the importance of a healthy MINDSET, including creating healthy habits for the body and mind. A balanced nervous system is crucial; when it is out of sync, business performance and money flow suffer. Melinda’s approach ensures clients’ bodies are in homeostasis, promoting calm and balance.

The MARKETING pillar leverages Melinda’s background and qualifications to help clients attract aligned clientele, ensuring they feel fulfilled and energized in their work. Marketing strategies in entrepreneurship differ from mainstream retail; thus, Melinda teaches value-based approaches, creating demand-driven products and programs, and heart-centered selling. Her methods emphasize the energetics of selling, ensuring clients achieve lasting success.

Creating Stability and Confidence in Coaching

Melinda’s approach to coaching isn’t just about helping clients achieve financial success—it’s about creating emotional and financial stability within their businesses. She explains, “Most people are so focused on reaching money goals, they’re missing the most important part about business, and it’s the thing I’m most proud of that I help my clients do.” Her mission is to ensure her clients feel relaxed, secure and confident in their coaching businesses.

She emphasizes that true success comes from making money while feeling “relaxed, secure, certain, spacious, grounded, and fully trusting in yourself.” This holistic approach is exemplified in the transformation of her client, Charra or in her words, “It’s absolutely possible to be held by your coaching business, and my client Charra is proof.”

Over 18 months of working together, Charra went from uncertainty and overwhelming schedules to launching two successful signature programs under her Self Care Movement, generating her first $ 15K USD.

Achieving Premium Results

Melinda highlights Charra’s journey to creating a ‘sacred rhythm’ in her business, aligning her values with her work and attracting the right clients. By addressing Charra’s money story and personal wounds, Melinda helped her reconnect her business mission with her role as a Self Care Coach. Through solid business and mindset foundations, Charra achieved consistent premium results.

For coaches seeking stability, Melinda’s method offers a path to “get off the revenue roller coaster” and attract premium clients predictably. She shares, “If you’re craving stability both financially and emotionally in your coaching business so that you can get off the revenue roller coaster and into a predictable rhythm of attracting premium clients on demand then Charra’s story is proof that what you desire is available to you right now.” Melinda’s dedication to combining financial success with emotional well-being sets her coaching apart, providing tangible results for her clients.

The Role of Nervous System Regulation in Entrepreneurship

One of the most important challenges we focus on is nervous system regulation,” Melinda explains. “Most entrepreneurs have this incredible ability to just keep going – and they love it – so that means the normal signs of burn out can be very difficult to identify.”

She emphasizes the direct connection between an entrepreneur’s nervous system and their business, “If our nervous system is out of balance, then our business will be out of balance.”

Melinda’s approach addresses unresolved emotions and past events that can manifest as energetic blocks in a business. By releasing these patterns that no longer serve her clients, Melinda helps entrepreneurs open up fully to the abundance of possibilities in their space. This holistic perspective ensures that her clients achieve not only financial success but also emotional and energetic balance, crucial for sustained business growth.

Harnessing Failure for Success

I am blessed to have been coached and mentored by some of the best in the world,” Melinda acknowledges. “With that, I have deep connections with some very smart humans.” This network has enabled her to stay innovative and continually raise her standards. Melinda believes in pushing boundaries and trying new things as a means of staying ahead. She asserts, “All marketing is just testing and in my model of the world, the more we fail the faster we grow.”

This philosophy underpins Melinda’s approach to business and coaching. By embracing failure as a catalyst for growth and continuously testing new strategies, she ensures her clients receive cutting-edge insights and methods. Her commitment to innovation and her expansive network of mentors contribute to her ability to deliver effective and forward-thinking coaching to entrepreneurs.

Your Network Shapes Your Success

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with, and this is true for my clients,” Melinda asserts. “If you are friends with people just like you, you will stay the same. If you are connected with people who are where you want to be, then you must grow and become them.”

She explains that surrounding oneself with individuals who embody one’s aspirations can lead to transformative growth. “Your decision-making changes and your standards rise, and this is where true success lies. It lies with whom you spend time with.” Melinda’s coaching is grounded in the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive network that challenges and inspires personal and professional growth.

Keys to Entrepreneurial Achievement

My clients often form smaller connections within our community and keep each other accountable,” Melinda shares. “We have a 5 am club, a 10 pm club and other activities in which they focus on ensuring that they fill their cup first.”

She emphasizes the importance of energizing the emotional, physical and mental bodies, as all three areas support a focused mind and high levels of willpower, which are paramount to success. Melinda’s approach ensures that her clients receive individual coaching and benefit from a supportive community.

Tech Training

We have modules in our training platform for AI, software, CRM’s and more,” Melinda explains. “The world is digitally connected, and my clients often come to me with very low tech knowledge.” She emphasizes that their programs are all delivered virtually, which means they are educating clients on using the most up-to-date technology for a seamless virtual experience for their own clients.

We use Zoom for our group interactions, Slack and Asana for connectivity, and WhatsApp for connections,” Melinda continues. These tools are integral to their training platform, ensuring effective communication, collaboration and organization among clients and within the community.

Fear as a Teacher

You cannot experience and have success without going through fear,” Melinda explains. “Fear and Success are literally a few inches away from each other, yet most people think that they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.” She emphasizes that their coaching approach helps clients minimize the need to run from fear and instead teaches them to embrace it as a normal part of growth.

Fear is a great teacher when faced with love,” Melinda adds. By approaching fear with love and understanding, clients learn valuable lessons that propel them toward success. This represents Melinda’s coaching methodology, where she guides clients through fear and empowers them to achieve their goals with courage and resilience.

Building a Solid Foundation for Success

Melinda foresees several key trends that will shape the future of the entrepreneurship realm and the success of her clients. As a seasoned coach and mentor, she recognizes that while having a solid strategy is crucial, the real transformation and sustainable growth come from within.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are really two keys to success,” Melinda begins. “The first is that you must have a tried and tested strategy in place. You do need to do marketing to attract aligned leads. You do need to have an offer that speaks to your audience and makes them feel like you just get them, something that is so exciting to your leads that they really get excited to buy it. You do need to have systems in place to allow you to scale and expand, automation in your communication and support plus you must have a schedule that allows you to slow down and create a healthy vehicle to run your business.”

These foundational elements—strategy, marketing, offer, systems, and balance—are essential for any entrepreneur aiming to succeed. However, Melinda believes that true success hinges on the entrepreneur’s personal growth and development. “But the real success and direction for entrepreneurs is going to be how they see themselves,” she states. “If you are running a business and expecting it to grow but you are still the same person you were when you started, then your business will not move, in fact, it will go backwards and eventually stall and this is what puts most coaches and consultants into the graveyard.”

According to Melinda, many entrepreneurs neglect the ‘inner work’ necessary to progress into the next-level version of themselves that can run a more profitable, impactful business. “The version of themselves that CAN take more risks, invest more money, make more money, be healthier, serve more and love more,” she explains. This inner transformation is where real growth occurs, influencing the outer world to align with their focused, clear and expansive mindset.

Melinda’s coaching methodology focuses on shifting her clients’ mindset and identity to catalyze their business growth. “Your mindset and Identity is the future of success for female entrepreneurs,” she asserts. “To put it simply…to grow your business, you need to literally become a different person.”

Role of Personal Growth in Business Success

She stresses that the business an entrepreneur has today is a direct reflection of their current identity. “And the business you desire is a perfect reflection of an upgraded version of you,” Melinda adds. This transformation involves aligning one’s identity with the success they seek, whether it’s adopting healthier habits, committing to daily rituals like meditation or exercise, or simply fostering a mindset that supports growth and abundance.

Most coaches struggle to grow and their future looks dim, because they’re trying to change things on the outside without looking internally for where the next level of growth really lives,” Melinda elucidates. By focusing on mindset and personal growth, she prepares her clients to navigate and thrive in the changing landscape of entrepreneurship, ensuring they can sustainably achieve their desired levels of success.

Prioritizing People

Leadership is a funny thing and true leadership is actually about others,” reflects Melinda. “I realized I was a leader when annual goals became the outcome from my clients, when the focus shifted to their growth and successes, not mine.” Her approach centers on leading from the heart rather than the head. She believes that prioritizing the heart in decision-making could reduce suffering and bring more balance to the world.

I often share with my clients that all problems in their business are because of them,” Melinda explains. “And by this, I don’t mean that they are at fault, but they are the only ones who can change the direction of their business.” For Melinda, leadership involves taking responsibility for the tone and standards of the team. “When staff are underperforming, it is the leader who sets the tone and must step up to alter the standards that have been set.”

She observes that many leadership challenges stem from individuals losing touch with their teams and neglecting to prioritize culture and collective outcomes. “Most leadership challenges come down to the individual losing touch with their team and forgetting to focus on culture and the collective outcomes.”

Melinda’s leadership philosophy emphasizes empathy, accountability and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Learning from Others

You can do well on your own, most people can and for some, doing well may be good enough. However, with entrepreneurs, being hungry for growth is common and this means that moving fast is seen as a benefit,” explains Melinda. She highlights that for entrepreneurs aiming for rapid growth, having a coach or mentor who has already achieved the desired results is the quickest and most effective approach.

We are not actually meant to learn from our own mistakes, we are meant to learn from others so that we compress time and get to where we want to go with ease, grace and flow,” Melinda asserts. Her coaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of learning from others’ experiences to accelerate personal and professional growth. By leveraging the wisdom and insights of mentors and coaches, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals more efficiently and avoid common pitfalls.

Melinda believes that having the right guidance can make a significant difference in an entrepreneur’s journey. It’s about leveraging the experience and knowledge of those who have already walked the path to success, allowing her clients to navigate challenges with greater confidence and achieve their desired outcomes. Her approach enables entrepreneurs to move beyond doing well to thriving and growing their businesses with speed and effectiveness.

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