Mediahuis Ventures and Others Invest €3.6M in Swiss Educational Technology Firm Taskbase


Zurich-based edtech company Taskbase announced on Monday that it has secured $3.9M (approximately €3.6M) in a new funding round. The round saw participation from Acrobator Ventures (, Mediahuis Ventures, Bloomhaus Ventures AG and other existing investors.

Taskbase plans to utilize the funds to accelerate its growth and expand into other European markets. Additionally, the company aims to increase its headcount, focusing on roles in Engineering, AI, Delivery and Sales and Marketing. To address the challenge of AI models struggling to assess student responses that don’t align with learning goals, Taskbase has developed specific features to improve progress tracking and ensure more accurate assessments.

Founded in 2015 by Samuel Portman, Daniel Niederberger, and Patrick Trümpi as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, Taskbase aims to revolutionize digital learning by offering personalized educational experiences tailored to each learner’s needs.

The company achieves this goal by integrating AI features specifically designed for educational purposes, ensuring consistency in learning concepts across all areas. This approach empowers digital learning platforms to maintain control over learning goals while incorporating advanced features to enhance the learning experience.

It offers a range of AI features, such as personalized feedback, adaptive testing, and intelligent tutoring, to enhance the learning experience for users. In collaboration with Switzerland’s top research centers for machine learning and learning science, Taskbase is committed to leveraging innovative technology to make learning more efficient, personalized, and pedagogically sound. The firm prioritizes transparency in its technology and business practices, striving to avoid unnecessary complexity while ensuring clarity and integrity throughout its operations.

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