Higher Funding to be Allotted to Alabama Universities and Community Colleges in 2025

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Alabama’s universities and community colleges will get greater funding in 2025.The state’s universities will receive a 7% raise, amounting to almost $100 million.

During a quarterly meeting, Alabama Commission on Higher Education’s executive director, Jim Purcell, expressed satisfaction with the outcome in the state legislature. He highlighted that it was close to meeting its financing target.

“We had made budget recommendations relatively close but as you know, some people have better politics than others,” Purcell told me. “It’s not exact science.”

The commission also witnessed budget increases that bolstered the state’s student assistance program and granted additional funding to help prospective college students complete their FAFSAs. Despite increased financing for schools, Purcell claimed that Alabama falls behind in terms of state help for higher education. Alabama allocated the fewest percentage of State school funding for financial aid in 2023, with the exception of Hawaii and Montana.

The funds will support in meeting the expenses for facility development, new programmes, faculty planning and recruitment, with other necessary activities. The recent developments and enhancements in the educational system too required funding allocation for the implementation.

“State aid in this state is problematic and we’ve been working hard to increase it,” Purcell told reporters. “Gov. Ivey has increased need-based aid, tripled it since she’s been in office.” The national average for need-based aid allocation is approximately 10%.

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