$20M Investment Allotted for Implementing Victoria’s Education Curriculum


The State Government is offering the investment for providing the resources that schools and teachers require to implement Victoria’s updated curriculum. On Friday, June 21, Education Minister Ben Carroll announced the introduction of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 Version 2.0 on a new accessible website.

The release builds on a $20 million investment to distribute a leading curriculum for schools, which will be taught in all Victorian classrooms by 2026. Led by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), the Victorian Curriculum F-10 Version 2.0 offers a knowledge-rich curriculum to the next generation of students from Prep to Year 10, preparing them to be engaged, educated citizens in a diverse and changing society.

Version 2.0 was created after considerable engagement, including input from over 300 primary and secondary teachers. This feedback resulted in a high-quality curriculum that teachers can safely execute, with adjustments that better fit the requirements of Victorian pupils. Education Minister Ben Carroll stated that the materials will assist enhance Victorian classrooms.

“The new curriculum will ensure Victoria remains the Education State, providing students with current and relevant information and skills to become educated and active citizens,” said the prime minister. “We are ensuring that Victorian students remain the highest performers in the country by giving an up-to-date and contemporary school curriculum.”

The revised curriculum upholds principles and standards while increasing students’ access to critical knowledge and skills. It is also more teachable and manageable, with higher success requirements that let teachers measure student learning more efficiently.

With this redesign, kids will have better learning transitions from early years to primary school, as well as the information and skills they need to pursue their chosen senior secondary pathway.
Six study areas are presently available: Arts, Technologies, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Languages, and Science, following the availability of Mathematics and English in 2023.

Diane Joseph, Chair of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Board, stated that the redesigned curriculum will help both teachers and students. “The Victorian Curriculum F-10 Version 2.0 is a monument to Victoria’s skilled teachers and school leaders who provided significant input, insight, and contributions that resulted in the revised curriculum,” the spokesperson added.

Throughout 2024 and 2025, the VCAA will help teachers and schools become acquainted with Version 2.0 by providing access to a specific set of resources and professional learning opportunities.

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